lunedì 21 febbraio 2011

Sorg Uten Tårer - Our Night Songs Will Forever Be...

In December 2010, Sorg Uten Tarer, this black-folk metal one-man band, released his last work, Our Night Will Forever Be...
Well, even though some tracks are not really masterpieces, the whole album is an amazing experience to listen to. You can feel the night, the water, the moon between the mountains. The melancholy.
Mostly, this is a black metal album, and is full of harsh, growly passages, but the clean parts... the clean parts are simply wonderful.

Here is SUT's website, where all his ten releases are up to a free download.
Have fun. :3

This is one of the best tracks out of the album, it's full of feeling, listen to it in a night of full moon. :3

I'll soon talk about another Sorg Uten Tarer album, stay... uhm, tuned.

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