venerdì 17 dicembre 2010

Loss of a child - Carry me Home + Hundred Million Angels

Here we go with another work by Loss of a Child. This time I talk about "Carry me Home", the last full-length from 2009. The style remains the same as the previous releases, with layers of distorted guitars united to piano and strings lines, but this time the work is much more mature: every song has a more personal rhythm and shines differently than the other ones... this didn't happen so much in the previous "Adam and Eve", where all songs sounded like merged into a unique thing.
Matter is, that this album touches the highest peaks of this unique genre. It's a complex, intelligent, touching release which I think you should own at every cost, no matter which music genre you prefer.

Loss of a Child's MySpace: LOAC MySpace
And the link to download the album: DOWNLOAD
The download will be processed by the amazing Lost Children Net Label.

This is the first track from the release. It's pretty different than the other ones, but it's pure genius.
How to take 5 seconds of music and repeat them to create a masterpiece.

I also want to talk you about another demo by LOAC. It's named "Hundred Million Angels" and it consists of a single, superb 20 minutes song, pure progressive genius.

Here's the download link: DOWNLOAD

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