sabato 29 gennaio 2011

Bach Prelude in D Minor - Nargaroth's Sommer

Hi, people! Today we talk of something a bit different than usual...
I was roaming the YouTube when I found this pretty nice metal cover of Bach's Prelude, here. Take a look at it, it's really short.

Well, after I listened to it, I thought that it remembered me something... really much.
Just a few seconds and I realised that the analogies with this masterpiece by Nargaroth are outstanding. This is Sommer from Nargaroth's "Jahreszeiten" album. Give it a spin...
I hope you'll be as amazed as I was to discover that even an extreme author like Nargaroth got inspired by classical music at this point.

By the way, let's also talk about Jahreszeiten, since it's a killer album.
Nargaroth is an author which always expressed rage and fury through his amazing songs, but this (which by the way is his newest album) work features a cleaner sound and a more spiritual approach. The work "talks" about the seasons, and every song is dedicated to one of them. Personally, I think they're not only the seasons of the nature, but also of human life, or human love... the cycle of living. ...Oh well, pardon. :3


I won't post a download to this album since it's NOT free and I'm not promoting piracy on this blog.
Also, Nargaroth appears to hate any sort of MySpace thingy, so he just opened a site of his own.
So here it is, NARGAROTH'S REIGN
Be sure to look forward to Nargaroth's next album, to be released in April! :D

I hope you enjoyed this different post. If you have some feedback to it, just write it down in the comments. :3

domenica 23 gennaio 2011

Helsingfors - Schematics

Hi, everybody, happy you decided to lose some time again here on DOM, and let's start!
Today's matter is Helsingfors, a math-rock project from London, UK. The mind behind this band is the same of "Loss of a Child" and "Final Light", James Morris, as I already said in older posts. A genius, I think. :D
Well, math-rock is not a really well-known genre, but it's pretty interesting and fresh-sounding. Describing it is not really easy... well, it's kind of a highly experimental post-rock, with sudden changes and unusual riffs. And Schematics by Helsingfors is the best exponent of this kind of music. This is the first demo by the band, and is made up of four songs, can't tell which one is the most beautiful.
More than recommended, this is mandatory, expecially if you like fresh, new stuff but you still want something on the melodic, emotional side.
Support this awesome band! Personally, I can't wait for their next release.


And here, their MySpace
You can also buy a physical copy HERE

Give them a spin... this is Panda Conundrum, maybe the best song out of the release. :3

And till next time!

mercoledì 12 gennaio 2011

Final Light - Further Than You Think

Hi, everybody, here we are for a new interesting album.
Back in post-rock/shoegaze/electro-progressive, we talk about Final Light, a side project of James Morris, the brilliant mind behind From The Sky and Helsingfors.
What we have here is a really delicate yet intense album, which offers not only progressive ideas and excellent piano lines, but also some killer percussion riffs.
Tracks are lengthy and meditative, and their quality is really high.


This is their MySpace FINAL LIGHT
And here's the DOWNLOAD

Finally, have fun with the vid!

And till next time! :3

domenica 2 gennaio 2011

Conquest - Empire

Hi people, new year is here and we're starting out with an incredibly nice power metal release.
We talk about the album "Empire" by the band "Conquest, by Kiev.
As I said already, this CD from 2009 is a perfect choice for Power lovers who are looking for some free stuff. General quality is really high, vocals are powerful and guitars are clean and excellent overall, expecially in the fast solos. Only, the music is not really original... you won't find anything new here, but only much quality power metal.

Conquest MySpace: HERE
You can download this from their site. DOWNLOAD
This is not the only work of the band, so you can check out their site for more. Anyway, I'll probably write about them again, so this is it.

If you want to listen to them before...

And happy 2011! :D