domenica 2 gennaio 2011

Conquest - Empire

Hi people, new year is here and we're starting out with an incredibly nice power metal release.
We talk about the album "Empire" by the band "Conquest, by Kiev.
As I said already, this CD from 2009 is a perfect choice for Power lovers who are looking for some free stuff. General quality is really high, vocals are powerful and guitars are clean and excellent overall, expecially in the fast solos. Only, the music is not really original... you won't find anything new here, but only much quality power metal.

Conquest MySpace: HERE
You can download this from their site. DOWNLOAD
This is not the only work of the band, so you can check out their site for more. Anyway, I'll probably write about them again, so this is it.

If you want to listen to them before...

And happy 2011! :D

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