sabato 25 dicembre 2010

Helangar - A Letter Back To The World

Happy Christmas, everybody, here's my Xmas present to ya all... "A Letter Back To The World" by Helangar is an incredibly intense experience.
An intelligent and deep reflection on the most frightening of the themes: the death. Very introspective, this thrash melodic metal release unites the old "This is the end" album to many new tracks of renewed power and feeling. I think the genre you prefer doesn't matter, you just HAVE to try this CD, because it's so powerful. The singer reminds me of Metallica, by the way... :3


Sadly, the band is no longer together. I'll share here some other releases by Helangar in the future.
Also, no video this time. YouTube doesn't appear to know these guys... give them some support!

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