mercoledì 15 dicembre 2010

Starting up and Insanity of War

Hello, everybody, Cataldo Cappiello aka Caelestis writes you this first blog post.
So I decided to start a blog up too, so that I could spread more and more words on the real matter of this place: Music.
I came up since a few time to have a pretty large library of underground music, incredibly talented artists who don't get much attention and fame. So I thought a blog would be a nice way to share their music. Most of the stuff I already have is completely legal and free-to-download from the band's websites, so I'll mainly post links to videos and download mirrors.
Also, I'll be sharing some more known music I really love... Let this be like a sort of "sharing knowledge" thing. If you like shoegaze, black metal, post-rock, ambient or progressive stuff, you're in the right place.

But, I'll be starting up with some awesome Death Metal by Archenterum.
Archenterum is  a newly formed band from Avignon, France.
They just released a demo named "Insanity of War" for now, but it's really worth the download (which is free, by the way. :3).
Their music is harsh ad fast, providing excellent riffs and perfect vocals. Overall, very recommended.
This is the link to their MySpace: Archenterum's MySpace
And this is the link to download the demo: Insanity Of War

See ya for now, to the next post!

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